Welcome (back) to Sourhouse.

We’ve been making some changes.

How’s lockdown treating everyone? Or are we sick to death of being asked that question? For my music blog, it hasn’t treated it very well – the music world is in a bit of a limbo at the moment, and everyone’s tentatively working out how to get through it.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing some spring cleaning, and given the Sourhouse blog a proper makeover. It’s still being refined and there are a few spots that still need a lot of work, but it’s a real step up from the old look.

And even if the world is in lockdown, we are still being graced with some fantastic new music. Right now, I’m delving into the new Car Seat Headrest album and the new EP from Kali Uchis, both definitely worth checking out.

I hope you are all managing to get through this weird and difficult time yourselves. Stay safe folks x

Munro Page

Munro Page is a music blogger and former student radio host based in Cardiff, UK. Likes: thrift stores, cooking, parrots Dislikes: chain restaurants, the M25, Simply Red

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