Ren Harvieu is a cabaret goddess on ‘Revel in the Drama’


Credit: Ren Harvieu/Bella Union

Verdict: Glossed up and sparkling with stage show brilliance

Ren Harvieu is a cabaret goddess on Revel In The Drama – a late night show in a downtown dive bar, her voice steeped in elegance as she delivers smokey, sultry-flavoured chamber rock to a quiet, enthralled room.

As she stands on stage in front of you, martini in hand, leaning against a grand piano, there is no doubt that she is out of reach. This is her show; as vulnerable as she can be, there is a sense she enjoys being unattainable, keener to wallow a little in self pity for the sake of entertainment. 

The instrumentation follows her lead, balancing dramatic punches with gentle elegance. You’re never rushed off your feet by the music – it lacks a compelling push to really move you – but there is a magic that draws you in. When she deploys strings or lets her voice soar high, it’s impossible to look away.

‘This Is Our Love’ stands out as a real peak, its foreboding bass and unsettled beat playing against her reflective lyrics – “What if the one thing you wanted just wanted to hurt you?” really drives the dagger in. 

Though often dealing with the harder side of romance, it never puts a downer on your mood, as she takes on it full spectrum. An underwhelming lover is rejected on ‘Curves & Swerves’ with a classically commanding tone, whilst the seductive ‘Yes Please’ is her at her most lusty.

Though sultry and amorous, Harvieu never gives herself away. Out of reach she may be, but it’s the performance that you come for. A true 11pm soundtrack that dares you to embrace her attractive, glamorous song writing in full.

Score: 7.5/10

This review was originally written for The Rodeo magazine

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